Michael Boll

michaelbollTechnology Coach

Michael Boll is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Podcaster and Technology Coach at Concordia International School Shanghai. He enjoys helping educators, parents and students harness the transformative powers of technology.

Michael has taught numerous professional development courses including as an EARCOS Pre Conference Presenter, Weekend Workshop Leader and Learning 2.0 Cohort Leader. He has been teaching overseas for many years and his teaching past includes posts in Saudi Arabia, Jakarta International School and Concordia International School, Shanghai.

Michael lives in Shanghai and on the weekends you might see him taking walks with his son, biking around the city or continuing to try to understand why the drivers in China always turn right on red.

His web presence starts here.

Twitter: @autismpodcast

Marc Mathyk : HS Teacher-Fine Arts

Marc Mathyk

HS Teacher-Fine Arts

Marc Mathyk was born in Canada and studied English Literature and Visual Art before going to teacher’s college. He has taught Visual Art, Ceramics, Computer Graphics, Yearbook, English Literature and ESL. He has taught in Malaysia (twice), South Korea, and Venezuela. He has also worked at an ad agency as an art director/copywriter in Toronto. He is coming from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he has been teaching with his wife Raquel for the past six years. He is passionate about conceptual art, collaborating, music, sports, technology, writing, traveling and cooking.


Student Speaker Organizer

HS Teacher-Social Science

B.S., M.L.A.

Brenda, originally from Wisconsin, holds a B.S. in Education from Northwestern University and a M.L.A. from Johns Hopkins University. Starting off her teaching career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Papua New Guinea, Brenda is grateful for the diverse experiences she gathered in classrooms over the past 13 years from an inner-city magnet to Friends School of Baltimore and more recently Graded School in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brenda has a passion for bringing historical eras to life through the study of art, music, dance and literature. She is joined by her husband, Sean Dwyer, High School PE Teacher.


Rebekah House

house_rebekahHS Educational Travel Coordinator/ Social Studies Teacher

Rebekah House was born in the US but living as a nomad, she calls many places home. She studied Education, Literature, and Theology at Concordia University-Texas. She has a Master’s Degree in Literacy, Language, and Culture Education from Indiana University and a Seminary Certificate in Biblical Studies and Spiritual Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. She began her teaching in Taiwan  and now works at Concordia. Rebekah is passionate about experiential learning, service, and enabling students to find their passion through trying every new thing they can.  

Robb Willett

robbMinion of Fun and Social Media Strategies

Robb used to teach industrial types to think critically in order to accomplish more with less effort. Now he does the same thing for teenagers.

Growing up as a blonde kid in Taiwan, he thought he knew what “weird” was, but then moved to Seattle for University and realized he hadn’t even scratched the surface. Since then, he’s moved back to Asia, gotten published, opened and managed an office, inspected construction sites in the UAE, ridden elephants and camels, traveled around China as a continuous improvement consultant, jumped off the Macao Tower, coached soccer at several international tournaments, stayed in a yurt then climbed a volcano the next week, created a website about digital badges (it’s a work in progress), and then decided to join his wife in teaching. 

What all this has taught him is that – more than Taiwan, Seattle, or anywhere else – life is weird, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He loves coffee, Kierkegaard, and gummy candies. Preferably at the same time.